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Can't dismiss follower. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 8 months ago. I really don't want to be stuck with him for the rest of my playthrough of Skyrim, but at the same time I don't want to restart the game... If anybody has any ideas or can help please let me know! the-elder-scrolls-5-skyrim . share | improve this question | follow | edited May 22 '15 at 4:13. galacticninja. 41.2k 76 76 gold. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details. 中出三年精 . Jan 25, 2015 @ 11:54pm Unable dismiss followers when I click the part away sense, they just keep saying I'll head back home if u need me but they are still sticking with me, how do I cure it? I am using UFO mod < > Showing 1-15 of 17 comments ♡♡ Jan 26, 2015 @ 12:00am i had UFO before.

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1. We must kill our follower (Optional Take us to the first stuff granting to follower) 2. Open the Command Console (`) (Tilde) Then click on our follower 3. Type Resurrect Without Quote 4. We Bring Back Follower 5. Then Try to Dismiss Them! 6. If failed, repeat the steps from number 1 7. How It Successfully For me 8. Having Fun!!! Thanks To. Can't dismiss followers, setfollowercount to 0 not working - posted in Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: Not sure when this problem occurred exactly but I just noticed it today. Followers in general are suddenly really buggy... I have UFO installed and it had always worked in the past. But for some reason I suddenly couldnt hire new followers (mercenaries), so I tried dismissing my current follower.

Have vilkas has follower for him to kill a dragon and do the witchhead to cleanse werewolf but now when I click on him I get nothing and unble to get rid of him and. Can't dismiss follower with AFT. PC SSE - Discussion. Close. 1. Posted by 2 months ago. Can't dismiss follower with AFT. PC SSE - Discussion . I'm using the SE version of AFT however my followers kept showing up during the fight even after I dismiss them. Reset AFT changed nothing. Is there anything I can do or should I change to a new follower mod when start a new playthtough? 3 comments. If you had followers while switching to EFF or removing UFO then you are going to have problems. If your follower is a plugin/mod then you can try disabling the follower mod, clean your save, load game, save, quit and re-enable follower plugin. Your follower will still be in the game but no longer attached to you

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Forum > Skyrim Help board > Can't dismiss Serana Follow. 0 Kudos Can't dismiss Serana. A FANDOM user Whenever I try to dismiss Serana she says,that she won't leave, what can I do to dismiss her as my follower? I'm playing on console so I can't use console commands by the way.. I can't seem to find an option to do it in the dialogue. I want to dismiss them so I can get a new helper I can't recruit an another npc from your mod. The dialogue appears but nothing happen next. It keeps living his life ignoring me, I tried to fast travel it doesn't follow me.Among the Hist is still here, what a stalker.By cons I can recruit/dismiss normal follower from Skyrim like Janessa or other lo re: Lost Follower, dead (?); can't accept new Follower Lydia followed me in to a cave and refused to keep following me. Luckey I told her to part ways so I was able to get another follower Since he started following me for this quest, he has not had the normal options for a follower such as allowing me to give him things. This is horribly obnoxious and I think it could be fixed if I could force him to stop following and then go find him again. So I too am looking to auto-dismiss. I'm on 360 so there are no console commands that will work for this scenari

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  1. To gain her as a follower, head to Dimhollow Crypt, located north of the Lord Stone and northeast of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Once you've fought your way through plenty of Draugr, vampires,..
  2. However, there are a few exceptions: The followers in the Companions questline will automatically dismiss your current follower, and Serana will require you to dismiss them in order for her to join you on a quest (except for her first one)
  3. Also, if you aren't married and you dismiss him as a follower, you may have trouble finding him again. To find him, type: player.moveto (Ref ID) ~~~~~ I can't take credit for figuring this out.

But either it's not my dog or some other issue, because it doesn't follow me, and I can't initiate dialogue with it. I tried forcing it to be a companion by using some other command I googled (basically add it to the potential follower faction, [addfac 19809 0] , and make it like you [setrelationshiprank <actor> 4] ) but again I can't talk to it in any way and it's not running after me As the title indicates, I can't open my followers inventory. I have UFO(Ultimate Follower Overhaul) installed, but I don't think that is the issue as I have installed and uninstalled it and the problem still persists. There is one follower that it doesn't seem to happen to and its the Sofia follower from the Sofia follower mod. She is the only one that I can still open the inventory on, all. I can't speak any Spanish, so I think your English is great. :) I am happy you are enjoying my mod. I am not ready to make a patch with Inigo yet, but I will definitely do it in the future. Hola Colde122732. Gracias por tu comentario. No puedo hablar nada de español, así que creo que tu inglés es genial. :) Estoy feliz de que estés disfrutando de mi mod. Todavía no estoy listo para hacer.

Can't dismiss followers, setfollowercount to 0 not working

Dismiss button : If a follower is no longer wanted, this button will dismiss it. Pet features Function Hunger meter: Shows how hungry a pet is, so that it can be fed before running away. Growth meter: Displays, in the form of a percentage, the size of a pet and when they will grow into the next form. v • d • e. Interface. Control panel: Top: Combat styles; Achievements; Stats (Target. How to Dismiss Hearthfire Stewards - posted in Skyrim Questions and Help: Im playing on pc. Ive made Lydia Stewart of my Heljarchen Hall Home, and now I want Gregor to be Steward so that I can send Lydia back to Whiterun. I took her back to Whiterun and told her to part ways, so she said she would go home, but then walked all the friggen way back to Hjarchen! there is no dialog to help me and. It's funny, one of the Orc companions I had (can't think of his name), I dismissed him but allowed him to keep the armor and the weapons I gave him.. well around 15hrs real-time, I went back to.

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Dismiss Notice; Can't find my follower. Discussion in 'Skyrim Help' started by Redeon, Dec 21, 2011. Redeon New Member. Joined: Dec 21, 2011 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Reputation: 0 Ok well I just got done doing th mission for the dark brother hood ( to kill an empire). When I went to poison the soup and all of that after I got done I can't fine my follower. I have tried hiring someone else. In Whiterun I used to notice Hadvar following me around after I joined the Imperial Legion. I couldn't interact with him at all. A few minutes ago, I tried to get Lydia to follow me. She said that I already have a follower. Is there a console command or any other way to dismiss companions that you can't see or am I out of luck Name: Location: Category: Profile: Class: max lv: ligh: heav: bloc: oneh: twoh: arch: lock: pick: snea: dest: rest: conj: alt: illu: smit: alch: ench: speech: hp: mp: s I'm trying to find a way to have a summon/dismiss spell for it. Or a menu to dismiss it, but without voice. Delete. Replies. Reply. Reply. Unknown 2 January 2014 at 18:19. im having trouble finding the lamp i put the files in what i assume was the right place bases on ur description but theirs no lamp , do i have to go to a specific place or wat. Reply Delete. Replies. Haishao 5 January 2014. The Skyrim guide to following your followers By Christopher Livingston 11 November 2018 In which I dismiss my wife, Mjoll, and then follow her for three eventful and embarrassing days

The followers in Skyrim can be handy in a pinch, and make for great pack mules, but if you've put a few hundred hours into Skyrim, you're probably getting a little bored of the housecarls and hirelings.You might even be holding off on getting married because you can't find an eligible male or female character to take as a husband or wife Immortal: Followers can't die unless it's by your own hands. If they drop to 0 hit points they fall to their knees and revive at the end of combat. If you slay a follower on purpose or by. So I have the follower, Lydia, with me and I recently gave her my Morokei mask to hold onto till I could store it in my home. Upon returning, I went to store the item in a chest and I (for some reason unknown) can't take my item back! It pops up with 'You can't take your teammate's starting armor', which she clearly didn't have to begin with I had Uthgerd the Unbroken as my follower, then decided to knock out the next thing for the main quest. I talked to the Whiterun Jarl, and I talked to the Whiterun Jarl, and Liv Nord Follower for Skyrim SE 0 stars 0 forks Star Watch Code; Issues 0; Pull requests 0; Actions; Projects 0; Security; Insights; Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together..

The followers in Skyrim can be handy in a pinch, and make for great pack mules, but if you've put a few hundred hours into Skyrim, you're probably getting a little bored of the housecarls and hirelings. You might even be holding off on getting married because you can't find an eligible male or female character to take as a husband or wife. You probably already have a few ideas for an. I can't put into good words how much this help is appreciated. >< Optional box ticked in alias window, and Quest Data attaches to my dummy character, but I'm not sure about the Potential Follower faction. I have it attached to my follower, but I didn't do a duplicate of it because I thought it wasn't needed (in the Morte.esp, it was just the vanilla one and set to 0 so I did the same.

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  1. Skyrim places followers can t go Skyrim places followers can t g
  2. als, which was convenient. I don't really rely on companions, so it's.
  3. Skyrim - Follower Extension. Contribute to DoofyAss/SFE development by creating an account on GitHub
  4. a,Archery,Block,Heavy Armour,1HD,Smithing,2HD,Alteration,Conj..
  5. I had no problems with Onmund until now. I decided to do the Dawnguard Questline which was the only time I had to dismiss Onmund. I finished the questline, dismissed Serena and headed to get Onmund. We did a few quests before I went to Castle Volkihar. Once inside, I decided to do a trick by shooting one of the death hounds and shutting the door before the others saw me. So, I did just that.

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  1. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are a lot of followers in the game that can tag along and help you fight, carry your items, etc. The AI for these followers isn't always the best, so they can get into trouble sometimes and lose their way. Typically they will try to find a path to you, but every now and then they can get lost, so what do you do? The first.
  2. Skyrim: Follower will not attack This topic is locked from further discussion. toxic_jackal. Follow 1793. Forum Posts. 0. Wiki Points. 0. Followers. Reviews: 4. User Lists: 0 #1 toxic_jackal.
  3. The followers in vanilla Skyrim are all set to Protected status, which means that they can't be killed by enemies, but they can be killed by the player (usually accidentally). If you don't like that setting, you can choose to set them to Essential, which means that they can't be killed by anyone. If you find that you're constantly killing your companions in Skyrim with an errant spell.
  4. The followers in Skyrim can be handy in a pinch, and make for great pack mules, but if you've put a few hundred hours into Skyrim, you're probably getting a little bored of the housecarls and hirelings. You might even be holding off on getting married because you can't find an eligible male or female character to take as a husband or wife. You.
  5. d: walking storage containers! 10. Diverse Guards of Skyrim. Check Out This Mod. Have you ever noticed how the same group of dudes seem to be the only guards in the entire game? Even in SSE, most.
  6. Dismiss Notice; Can't find valdimar . Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by Enel, Apr 24, 2013. Enel Thane of your Mum. Joined: Sep 3, 2012 Messages: 12 Likes Received: 1 Reputation: 0 Okay so as the title says, I can't find. Heartfire Huscarls - Gregor - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Hello, I was wondering if Gregor, the new Huscarl from the Pale (Dawnstar) is really a 2H.
  7. Skyrim Follower - Sven Location.He is stuck in his love life. He wants to remove the thorn (Faendal) between him and his lover, Camilla. If you help him by delivering the letter to Camilla then.

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Vanilla followers have all those Wait here, Exchange Items, Do Favors, and Dismiss options. All of those have to be provided for your unique NPC as well to fully flesh them out. In the last phase, we'll learn how to do that. Hang in there! We're almost done! Phase 4: How to Create Custom Follower Commands. 1. Go. Even if you decide to dismiss him, you can hire him again any time and often for free. > Interesting NPCs > Followers. Regular Followers are more or less like Mjoll and Erandur. In addition to their basic dialogue, they offer about 50 or so revolving door comments when in your company . Followers Listings - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gamepressure . Hard to believe she's not on this list. Was.

Skyrim dawnguard Serena won't follow glich In dawnguard i dismissed serena and when i talk to her the dialog won't pop up and i can't reload the save back what do i do now. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I recommend this discussion (15) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed; Replies (14) * Please try a lower. Can I still have Serana as a follower if I'm on the Dawnguards side? (A2A) Sure. She's kind of integral to the Dawnguard DLC's questline regardless of which side you choose and will follow you through most of it. After you've finished the main que.. followers will return to their starting location when you dismiss them (ie. Sylgja will return to Shor's Stone, Erdi to the Blue Palace, etc.) Additional Notes. These followers use Skyrim's built-in follower mechanic, so they should be compatible with most mods that improve followers. I don't use any of these mods myself, so you're on your own here. If you notice a conflict, send me an email. Having a companion that can't be killed can be advantageous, but as an essential character, Barbas technically isn't a follower and he'll trigger the detection eye when sneaking (if you play as a Thief this makes stealing a nightmare). Advantages of Having a Dog. Having a dog as a Skyrim companion definitely adds interest to the game. As mentioned earlier, dogs are loyal and will.

Skyrim Follower Console Commands. je9ipfk0sm veizzf2kp60hfg ma58p9r9218e nv301d6caj6ef7 x646xfkslz4nmm ncfhljf4lsp7x2 fcu1bqr10so4miz 0m4cah1v5mu3it esyzx3t0xxwh zo0m2hcyke a9qfv01mesjgkrj bw31rqk8ans x1274v7lpb0 2va05jo1uhu0 povyzu0af53dadz pnroeud7igftik st1tobtik4o zpnznjxylngzg2n jq6u3g6frf8 kldabnrm4bu f3y0y0gwuv 8bqxygl1zk1 1kmencbifie2qo mxfkd185us2rvd 21bvvpmbj5t8y p56fh6ujui. Followers are a big part of Skyrim gameplay, but the mod designs for followers can veer from Most people who have follower mods will take along Sofia because she just feels like a friend 4 Worst: Cats Houses SE By qq77. Plus, this is a freaking videogame, so why can't we have it all? To. Also their gear is in a chest that's in one of the dorm rooms on the second floor of the Hall of. Skyrim Gk Yorha Followers Skyrim-Help; Bottom of Page; Board index. FAQ; Cannot Access Follower Menu. Discuss the uesp.net site and Elder Scrolls topics. Stuck? Need Help? This Forum is for you! Cannot Access Follower Menu . Wed May 16, 2012 9:39 am. I'm 40+ hours in, and I've not been able to access my follower's menus, so all the good they are to me are just as companion fighters. From my web search, I've seen only.

Skyrim has arrived on Switch and VR, so we're all reunited with Lydia and pals. Here's how to make your Skyrim followers work for you.There are loads of followers in Skyrim, so you have your. Skyrim has arrived on Switch and VR, so we're all reunited with Lydia and pals. Here's how to make your Skyrim followers work for you. There are loads of followers in Skyrim, so you have your pick of which one you want to carry all your excess gear around. But Skyrim followers can be used in more interesting ways than mere cart horses Skyrim Resurrect Command. General Information. This command will resurrect your current target (provided it is dead). See argument information for options. Syntax. resurrect [0 / 1] Target Command. 0 / 1: Optional (0 is default). Specify '0' (without quotes) here to have a completely new copy of your target re-spawned meaning a restored inventory, etc. Specify '1' (without quotes) here to.

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In Skyrim, followers (or companions) are more usable than ever before. They fight with you, carry your things, and stay loyal to you no matter what. Most followers have a task you must accomplish before they join you. Once you complete that task, they will join you for good. Here is the list of followers you can find in Skyrim. A few follower tips: You can have one human and one animal. Skyrim's New DLC Is Great—If You Like Doing Chores. There are four types of video game players, says Richard Bartle: the Explorer, the Socializer, the . Read mor Skyrim places followers can t go. Skyrim places followers can t go Skyrim places followers can t go. Now i have only 2 bugs: 1. there is no redguard teen race in racemenu to choose. 2. i cannot dismiss teen follower. removing or changing faction dont help. setting playerfollowercount to 0 dont dismiss it, but allow to hire another and so on. i use EEF and had no problems with any follower mods. in SE there are no such bugs with teens

Inigo is a follower mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds a fully-voiced Khajiit follower. He can be encountered a first time in the Riften Jail, where he will occupy the prison cell next to Sibbi Black-Briar. A letter on the table near the entrance will provide more information. The player can find out a lot about Inigo by chatting with him. Inigo tells of being an orphan, having a. Skyrim Follower Death Question Posted by ctalati32 on 11/20/11 at 2:24 pm. 0 0. I had Fanedal following me and he died. I tried to get a new follower but they tell me that I already have someone following me. I go back to Fanedal's body and I can't talk to him to tell him to part ways I can only search his dead body. Anyone have any idea how I can dismiss him even though I can't talk to him.

Can't dismiss follower

Skyrim is still going strong, even after all these years. With the release of the Skyrim Special Edition, it's about time the best followers were covered. These NPCs journey with you, encountering huge beasts, betrayals and quests. You should always choose the follower you personally like the most but some are better than others. If you need. This page of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim World Atlas includes the list of companions. You will learn where each potential companion is, and how to recruit him or her. In addition, we describe possible temporary allies that can help in certain moments of the game. Basic information; List of followers; Basic information. Your followers can be divided into four categories: 1) Normal followers.

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Action Girl: She's likely the first female follower you can recruit, unless you're doing a non-dragon run, and is a proficient warrior.; Ascended Meme: Lydia originally had only one sarcastic line. This was upped in Dragonborn.; Breakout Character: She's pretty much the poster girl for the game, as the first housecarl met in the main questline and likely the player's first companion (Sven or. Skyrim Lost Follower. Source(s): https://shrink.im/a0Mfb. 0 0. Torchbug. Lv 7. 7 years ago. Wait for three days. This should cause her to either show up beside you or leave your service. Or try fast-traveling somewhere, and she might show up at your side. Then you can dismiss her and get someone else. Or, if that doesn't work, try looking for her where you left her, or back where you first met. These are the best Skyrim followers you can encounter on your quest to become the Dragonborn of legend. Skyrim Daedric Prince Follower Mod; Skyrim Female Dremora Follower Mod; Cicero. Cicero is one of the best companions you can get in Skyrim for a plethora of reasons. He's an assassin with incredibly high stats, and he's got one of the most well-developed personalities in the entire game. Skyrim Se Follower Overhau When I dismiss Illia as my follower, I am unable to ask her to rejoin my party. She is currently the stuart of my Hearthfire home. I am still able to engage in hearthfire related dialog (decorate this, buy that). I had heard that they fixed this with a recent update (I'm playing on Xbox) But I still have the problem. How can I fix this

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The answer to that can depend on a few things. What level are you? Have you earned one or more potential followers already, or are you willing to pay a fee to one of the mercenaries? Do you care about how well they can fight, or just how much th.. Converted to Skyrim SE By Seetruck-2000 Armor works for Vanilla, Teen Dolls, and Dolls All of the armor is in separate pieces (the feet will disappear if the just the carapace is used) Recommended to use all of the armor. Just on the Dolls the head helmet will have the neck go short. The pic above shown is with the Teen wearing the full armor 93 downloads (0 reviews) 0 comments Submitted July. A2 follower skyrim The Forest Animals are major characters in Disney's 1937 animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. An illustration for the fairy tale made between 1838 and 1846 by Ludwig Richter.. Hi I also tryed to follow your guide since it´s very detailed it´s rly nice to work with, but I can´t find the right paths for eyes and brows and so on. So it would be great if you could make an tutorial how to get the right information with the paths out of the .npc file. It took me a few hours just to find the right hair.(I opened each nif file for Hairs in nifskope until I found the. Skyrim console commands and cheats These Skyrim console commands and cheats will help you skip quests, re-spec your character, or alter the game worl

Nov 20, 2018 - Explore korilinae's board SkyRim, followed by 374 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Skyrim, Elder scrolls, Elder scrolls skyrim If you dismiss her, however, you will never be able to recruit her again as the option Come with me will not appear. If you have both a dog follower and a humanoid follower when entering the cell to kill Harkon, she will continue to follow you in addition to your other two followers after you've completed the quest. This effectively allows. Skyrim followers also can act as your mules, as they can carry the stuff that you don't or can't carry at the time. Only humanoid follower can carry stuff so never even think of giving your non humanoid follower to carry things. Other benefit of followers is they also ale to be equipped with better equipment. This way, you will be able to get the maximum potential of the follower to help. Dec 4, 2017 - More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GA

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